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Rex, a dinosaur considered as an apex predator, while G represents Gamers, implying G-Rex absolute invincibility dominating the game.


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About us


Emperor Esports Stars (EES) is a brand-new and exciting business established by Emperor Entertainment Group. In recent years, eSports has grown from purely video gaming competitions to a colossal competitive gaming ecosystem globally. eSports is not only having a growing impact on the traditional sports scene, but also becoming a billion-dollar industry worldwide. Leveraging Emperor Group’s diversified businesses and edges in the cultural and creative industry, EES has devoted to promoting the eSports industry and supporting its long-term development in Hong Kong.


Mission & Vision

By means of regular competitions, team management and establishing professional eSports academy, EES aims to promote the healthy development of eSports. EES is actively supporting the sustainable development of the local eSports industry and aims to offer a diversified eSports platform for the young talents to thrive. EES is constantly striving to nurturing local eSports talents, as well as creating and exploring business and career opportunities in the eSports industry.


E-sport team Management

With Emperor Group’s countless managerial experience in the entertainment industry, along side with our wide range of professions. Emperor Group e sport has entered a new stage of development. Currently managing two separate teams, G-REX and G-REX Infinite, both teams have their individual department for League of Legends and PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground), we have almost thirty professional players in the teams, including active players and trainees. Only a year after establishing the G-REX League of Legends team, they have managed to enter the WORLD COMP and reached the round of 16.


Annual E-Sport Event

Emperor Group organises EES E-Sort event annually, successfully holding “Emperor Cup 2017 & 2018” in two consecutive years, competitions include League of Legends and PUBG. Scouting E-Sport future stars with potential, competing in international E-Sport events.


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